Luxembourg and Frankfurt

Greetings from a very cool Germany! Autumn has really and truly set in and the tree colours are stunning.

Luxembourg bridge and autumn trees

Luxembourg was smaller than we imagined but prettier. Sean took us on a great guided tour of the “must see” things. First the largest American military grave site outside of America. We were blown away by the serenity and immaculate keeping of the site. Not a blade of grass out of place.

American military grave site ndeaer Luxembourg

It also had some very good explanations of the war and how land occupation changed over time.

Jo and Sean in front of war map

General Paton is buried there. He actually died Germany but wanted to be buried with his men.

General Paton's grave

The town of Luxembourg was very pretty and lots of “chocolate box” scenes.

Luxembourg view over vin yard and church

Luxembourg view over river

We had to have a couple of pub stops to warm up as we meandered through the town on a cold Sunday. You see, Peter was very happy it was a Sunday as all the shops are shut, so we couldn’t “shelter” in the warm retail shops! We went to the casements and tunnels cut in the rock for fortress reasons. So many and such amazing work for being so old. Also, great views from there.

Peter and Sean in casements cave

Peter and Sean in casements with cannon

Castle above autumn trees

That night we went to the local pub in the village where Sean lives – and even I held my own in the pool games!!!!!!! They still smoke indoors in pubs and restaurants in Luxembourg and some of Germany – we are so not used to that now. We left Luxembourg for Frankfurt. It was great staying with Sean and catching up.  Thanks Sean!!!!!

We stayed for three nights in Frankfurt. It is much more modern than other places we have seen in Germany and has high rise glass buildings.  But these are set alongside old buildings too.  Msot of teh city was bombed during the war which explains the new buildings.

Building reaching up in to clouds

The Old and the New..........

The Old Opera house - rebuilt in the 1980's!!

We met our friend Heike’s brother and sister in law for dinner here and had a great night. We tried the local “green sauce” which I really liked. Made with a yogurt base and with garlic and 7 green herbs, e.g. parsley, chives, etc. Similar to the Italian Sauce Verde but with the yogurt base instead of just oil.

Night scene Frankfurt - a bit blurry sorry!!

Went to the local indoor market. It was wonderful and saw the wonderful mushrooms, the huge pumpkin and lots of other treats.

Mushrooms at market

The pumpkin was 42 euros to buy it was so large!

The large pumpkin....................

By now the weather is cold and it was also raining. But there was a heated pool at the hotel we were at and we enjoyed the warm exercising!

Euro sign in centre of town

Beautiful hotel building, Frankfurt

From Frankfurt we went to Heidelberg. We are still having a great time and loving Germany. I know I have mentioned the autumn colors before but they are truly stunning. Hopefully NZ is entering spring now. Tonight (30th October) we put our clocks back an hour here, as they enter formally in to winter! Brrrrrrrrrr

Love Jo and Peter


One Response to “Luxembourg and Frankfurt”

  1. Toddy & Sheila Says:

    Hi Jo and Peter …

    I’ve just caught up on all the blogs you’ve been sending. I’ve had a very busy October so haven’t had a chance to read them until now. I’ve just spent about an hour browsing through them all and reading all about your adventures. Boy, you’ve been to some great places haven’t you. You’ll have some wonderful memories to bring home with you now. I’ve saved all the blogs for Sheila to read when she comes back from Denmark. She’s doing very well over there and her accommodation has cost nothing because she’s been staying with friends she’s made over there. Good eh!

    I think Sheila will be coming up to Auckland at some stage, don’t know when yet so she’ll be able to catch up with you both then. I probably won’t be up because she’ll be working when she does get there.

    We’ll look forward to your blog from England and your adventures there.

    Have fun guys and thank you so much for the entertaining write-ups.

    Love to you both


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