Munich, Dachau and Tubingen, Germany

Munich, Dachau and Tubingen, Germany

October 2010

With the Oktoberfest over, it was time to see more of Munich itself. It is a very pretty city with stunning buildings and wide streets.

Munich street and buildings


Nymphenburg Palace - part of it - it is too huge to be in one photo!


From Munich we drove the short distance to Dachau (about 30 minutes).  We were of course, off to see the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial site.  Quite appropriately it was raining.  It is a very well done site with the museum full of actual photos, letters and drawings from some of the prisoners.  Also there was a lot of information about the political rising, facts and figures etc. We thought going from Oktoberfest to Dachau was very sobering indeed……. The sheer magnitude of what happened was very evident.

One Camp Barracks

The original “engineering” building, now the museuum

Memory Plaque


From Dachau we drove 3.5 hours to Tubingen, a town near Stuttgart. It is such a beautiful town – one of the most beautiful we have seen. We have been doing our hotel bookings as we go on, and in Tubingen we lucked on a gorgeous new hotel that also has excellent staff and food. AND for three nights it is only the cost of one night in Munich! We are happy!

We got here quite late and booked in for dinner at 8.30.  We ordered the meal of duck for two……….. oh dear! We were absolutely stonkered! Breads and herb spread, a plate of 3 amuse bouche, potato and herb soup (the best potato soup I have ever had!) and then………. A whole duck! And it was huge. 

The duck before carving.............

They sliced it at the table and it was presented so beautifully. 

The duck after carving!

What we didn’t know was that there was ANOTHER course of another duck leg each served on quinoa risotto.  We had to get that delivered to our room and we had it cold the following day. No room! Ditto with the cheese course! And it was also very reasonably priced.

The next day we spent exploring the town by foot. Oh it is so beautiful!

Tubingen building in market place, with flower boxes

Tubingen building with painting

Market place and buildings

River Nekar and buidlings in centre of town

Street flowers

View from the castle wall

By mid afternoon we were a bit tired so stopped off at a bier garten by the river and were entertained with passing punts, flocks of swans, people coming and going and then met a couple from America with their sister in law, who is local. That was fun.   

The bier garten we enjoyed

Today we arranged travel and then went to Rottenburg and had lunch there.  It also is a lovely town but not nearly as pretty as here.  Then we got really brave and went “tiki touring” and saw a few local sights in the country.  We ended up at a thermal spa area and saw this most genius fountain advertising the corner to turn at the spa.

Excellent fountain advertising thermal pools

Tomorrow we are off to the Mercedes Benz museum in Stuttgart, then to stay in a town called Worms!  That is the start of our Rhine and Mosel river week, which we are really looking forward to as well.   

We hope that spring has sprung in NZ for you all.

Love Jo and Peter


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