Oktoberfest 2010

Peter with beer stein and with jo's wine......... see how small mine is!

Blog – Oktoberfest 2010

Ohmm pah pah…… not at all.  But how do we describe the amazing experience of Oktoberfest 2010 in Munich.  It was the 200th anniversary of the beer fest………. Over a four day period we had three days there. We LOOOOOOVVVVVVED it. What a party! So much to see and so many people to meet. We were in heaven! We met so many lovely people we had such a good time.  And the “tents” – bigger than our largest event halls……… so much awe!

So, ten tents seating up to 100,000 people………  and then the outside – a carnival like NZ’ers have never seen. Oh my – we were open mouthed “kids”.  Another 100,000 people there apparently……. Lots of families and kids too.

So not sure what to tell you as really it was drinking beer and meeting people we did.  Hard to describe the amazing event. 

Maybe I can tell it by photos…………..

Jo at Hippodrom last day


Kafer tent - Peter and Petra


staff al "self employed" and only earn tips......... bear lady in action

Our new friends - Petra and Peter

more new friends - Hayley, Dave, Peter and Jo


oh my - we LOVED those pork knuckles


more new friends - from USA this time - Wine Tent

Uh oh - queue to toilet in wine tent! One hour!


Augustiner tent inside - so beautiful

they go through 10,000 chickens - here is a sample of some cooking on ONE tent only

Hafbrau tent

Armbrust Tent outside

Ridiculous! who rides these types of rides........ and after beers!

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