South of France – week one

Saissac – the South of France

Wow! We can’t believe it is September already and our trip itinerary is up to the South of France.  Maybe time on this side of the world goes double pace……. Here is where we are staying in the little house which is hundreds of years old. The village is so quaint and it has its own castle which we can see from our terrace.

View from our house terrace, Saissac

We arrived at Toulouse airport at 5.30pm and it was still 40 degrees! Hmmmmm – a spot of hot coming our way.

We picked up our lease car – a brand new Peugeot – and went off to get groceries and diesel.  Yeah – the HUGE grocery store was air conditioned!  Had a lot of fun shopping here, and not knowing what was already at the house we are to rent………. The sausage and dried sausage, the cheeses………… oh la la!

Breakfast on the deck

Then to drive to Saissac – a tiny village in the South of France.  It is about 90 minutes from Toulouse and it was getting dark.  Once again thank heavens for the GPS – but poor Susie, she has been left to sleep, as the car has its own built GPS.  And after all that loyal work Susie has done for us too………  So we came straight to the house, even though the streets are very narrow and windy.  We arrived about 10pm and unpacked.  The house has two bedrooms two lounges and a grand terrace – looking out over the valley and up to the Pyrenees. 

The next morning John, Peter’s friend from NZ who is over here on holiday, rang to say him, Carol and his daughter, Robyn, were arriving that night at Toulouse airport, to come stay with us.  We thought they had a car but they didn’t so Peter made the trip in to pick them up. Phew – it was HOT again.  But before that we went for a stroll in the village to the bakery, where each day, we go to buy our bread and croissants.

Breakfast on the terrace with friends

So the last 5 days have been full of catch ups, getting to know the local village and a bit of touring around.  It is wonderful. 

And the whole village is beautiful. 

Our house with the blue shutters

Saissac town tower

Saissac the village

Old town wall and gate at our doorstep, Saissac

Yesterday we had two adventures.  First we went to Carcassonne, the best preserved medieval town in Europe.  Wow!! But what shocked us is that inside the village it is full of hotels, bars, accommodation and tourist shops! It looks so old and then this……….  At least they are all in the same architecture as the old city. 

Carcossone from car park

Carcosonne tower and moats

Peter in front of tower at Carcossone

Then last night we all went to the next door restaurant – literally in the same building as our house.  It is a 5 course set menu – he speaks no English and us no French.  So the food and wine arrives at his choice and pace and we eat! Perfect! First a huge platter of hand made terrines and other meats.  Then a huge platter of sliced foie gras (which I don’t eat on principle but the other loved!). Next arrived a large bowl of langoustine and then for the main, confit of duck.  Excellent!! Best duck I have ever eaten.  Dessert was ice cream…….. so we had a great time and lots of laughs!

Dinner last night!

Today some of them have gone off for a day on the seas and beaches of the Mediterranean and others of us have stayed at home for a rest and catch up day. Phew – it is HOT!  Woops, sorry, I hear winter is still inhabiting NZ!

Anyway, lots of love to you all and thought you’d like a bit of France to warm you up.  We are here for three more weeks.

Love Jo and Peter xx

3 Responses to “South of France – week one”

  1. Christian Says:


    Really nice blog. I went to the same restauraut as you went for dinner with hand made terrines, foie gras, langoustine … :-). But it was in 2006. Do you remember the name of this restaurant?

    many thanks

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