Tallin, Stockholm and Copenhagen

Blog: Tallin (Estonia), Stockholm (Sweden) and back to Copenhagen (Denmark)

Tallin was a very beautiful old city of the Baltic, with modern parts as well.  We loved the architecture of the old city.  As the ship was only in for a day, and we slept in that morning, we had a short visit ashore, but it was so lovely. It was here we got also to some local markets where they were selling woolen garment, hats, scarves etc and at very reasonable prices – well compared to other parts of where we had been anyway!  We did the hop on hop off bus to see all the sights and it was so informative about the history and development of Tallin.

Tallin Castle Tower (Taken from moving bus!!)

Tallin Cylinder roof building with Church Steeple in background

Tallin Round Wall and roofs

Stockholm we had two days in.  We did the hop on hop off there also.  They are such a good service.  We did not do an organized tour but spent a lot of the day wandering the old city streets on our own.  Well, on our own with thousands of other tourists, that is! It was sooooooooooooooo HOT! AND soooooooooo EXPENSIVE! We stopped off for a drink at the bar on the river edge and a glass of wine cost about 17 euros – that is about $25 NZD! Gulp! No, SIP, actually.

Peter in Stockholm Street

Round corner buildings Stockholm

Stockholm across the river view

On the second day we went to the Vasa Museum – which is a very old ship that sank in the harbor on its maiden voyage.  After 300 years under the sea they managed to raise it and reconstruct it.  The museum was very interesting in why the ship was built, how, who etc and then how they raised it up and restored it.

Peter with Vasa Ship

The last full day on the ship was at sea and was a lovely time to catch up with people you had met, enjoy the food and pack.  Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too sunny so not much pool lounging, however it was warm enough.  The whole time on the cruise, I only wore a cardigan once.

When we disembarked for the last time, it was Copenhagen.  Most people were off to planes to go home but we stayed three nights in Copenhagen.  It sure is a beautiful city, but we also got to see some of the other side – drugs, street people, and a strong stench of human urine in the streets.

Original quarters for naval men in Copenhagen

Wall with growing flowers in Copenhagen


We went to a part of town that is all old colourful houses, or they were, and now it is the restaurant and bar centre and we had lunch there. It was also delish! Peter had the local fish delicacy which he said was like a very nice flounder. In three of those houses Hans Christian Anderson lived when he wrote his famous works.

Restaurants and bars ex houses

We also got to see the ED service at the hospital – no, not to worry, this time it was proactive.  Peter still has to have regular blood tests and in Copenhagen that is where you get them. It was the most efficient system we have struck for blood tests and it was free! Apparently the politicians of Denmark think all people should have free health care.

That afternoon we happenned on a Gay Pride show in teh town square.  In spite of teh rain we stood and wathced a band and a drag queen show – they both were excellent.

Drag Queen in glorious spendour!

We ate that night at an amazing restaurant I had read about – and magically it was just around the corner from our hotel.  It was typical Danish food but in a very nice restaurant that serves it in what we call Tapas Style – i.e. a range of small plates. Delish! I commented on the large use of the herb dill, and the waiter laughed and said how did I guess the chef was Swedish – the Danes use horseradish and mustard, not dill.

The next day Peter went off to the Viking Museum – which he had to work out how to catch what regional train and what bus at the other end to get there, and he did! It is a bit tricky in a foreign language. I went to look at the Danish Design centre and then some shops.  The Danish design detail and ingenuity is amazing.

Viking Boat


Tools used to make Viking Ships


That night we asked at the hotel about a local good Vietnamese restaurant – and we were not disappointed.  A young chef had just started out on his own a month ago and we met and talked with him a lot.  Got to know the trials and tribulations he had – not least of all his mother is the cook and cant be hurried along! It was a funny story. Unfortunately we talked too much, and we thought Tivoli (a local theme park but with apparently amazing gardens and night lighting) closed at midnight so we rocked up at 10.45 to go in and were refused as it was shutting at 11.  The hours had changed the week before back to 11pm! Dang!!!!!!  

Tivoli entrance lanterns - all we saw!!

The following day was leaving time and we caught a cab to the airport. Oh the queues for check in!  A kind lady assistant came and helped us check in on line / self check in so we missed the queue.  We flew from Copenhagen to Heathrow and then Heathrow to Toulouse, for our new holiday chapter and French adventures.  (I tell you – our first day here we have sat quietly just reminiscing and absorbing everything we have seen, people we have met, laughter and friends.  It has been lovely to have that time). 

So here we are, in a little French village called Saissac, in the South of France.  We are here for a month and we are looking forward to our adventures and fun here too.

Lots of Love, Jo and Peter.

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