Day Three Dubai…………….

Hello – wow what a day today.  We have both been blown away and our senses exploded with the wealth, arcitecture, Dubai growth plans, what we saw, tasted, did………. Yup! Dubai is everything and more we wanted; exceedfing our expectations.

We did a tour that started at 9.30am and we just got back at 5.30pm. There was only 7 of us – 3 from Protugal, a couple from Ireland and us. Great guide and good driver.  First we went via an amazing hotel (water, palms, fountains) in to a Souk.  A very special one with stunning architecture and fittings – I even took a photo of the lightshade! A whole shop in the souk jst with varieties of dates – plain, stuffed, sweet, savoury…….. and so beautifully displayed.  Nexe teh nut shop – no not especially for Peter – but nuts sweet, sour, hot spicey, with seeds, with out, and packaed so amazingly.  Took a photo of that too! We then went to a local supermarket where they have a special separated room for non muslems – containing bacon, pork, salami, ham etc.

Then to see the world’s tallest building – the Burj Kalifa – so stunning. Photo opportunity here too! Then to the Mall Dubai. 1,200 shops – yup, one thousand and two hundred! Here we say a galato shop called Morelle’s. For those of you who know that was my cat’s name. Oh the chocolate shops. Never seen such delicate handmade chocolates……………. all like a single work of art in their own right. One shop looked like a Dulux Paint shop ……. all lined up in their wrapper collours in cells in the wall.

Next off to DubaiLand. We have never seen anything of such dreams.  Like 100 Disneylands wrapped in to one – and that is just the model displays. The Dubali Land is only jsut started and due to be completed 2015. Oh my goodness. Never have we seen anything like it. Had my photo taken with a tiger there – well two actrually. A live sleeping 7 year old tiger cat and Mr Tiger Woods (his photo onkly so dont get excited)!  (one of the new golf courses is a Tiger Woods course and each house on it will sell for around US D $15 million. There is a formula 1 track, roller coasters etc like you have never seen planned. All funded by investors and will cover in total 3 BILLION square feet.

After that off to see the Atlantis Hotel where one of gteh rooms goes for USD $45,000 per night. Why woudl you when you woudl be sleeping for the nigth anyway! The hotel was amazing and npon clioents can only see part of it. We saw the huge acquarium which is set up like the lsot city of Atlantis. Two of the suits actually are two storied and have the bedroom with teh acquarium wall in it – ie watch the fish all night!!

Then to another souk and next stop to the Burj Al Arab – the 7 star hotel for high tea (Peter disappointed no alcohol included! $100 NZD for a glass of champagne – we had noe surprisingly!). Seven courses. First a two tier plate of (1) itty bitty sandwiches (like you cant imagine!), then (2) hot salmon “Wellington”, (3) sorbet, (4) scones,  (5)berries and cream, (6) selection of small exquisite cakes and (7) petit fours. Phew! Then a trip in teh lift to the 27th floor in a glass lift (which is actually 54th floor as each room is two stories high) to see teh view. The hotetl is full of 22 carat gold leaf walls etc………

We were dropped off in town to see the dancing fountain – the best we have ever seen.

So that is today – my writing doesn’t even start to describe the awe we have been in. And jsut seeing the amount of growth – who will live in all these apartments and villas?

Hope all is well with all of you.  I should now have on this site / blog (thanks to Emma) a part where you can sighn up for auto notification of our updates……… please do so I dont forget to type your name in.  

Photos – sorry if they sideways – I cant yet work out how to sort this feature!!

Note gold pillars - 22 carat gold

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