Dubai Thoughts……………

Ahlan Wa Sahalan – hello!

So, day two Dubai – United Emirates! What an interesting place! 36 degrees today suposed to get up to 40 by Friday. Thank goodenss we are leaving on Friday if that is the case.

Flight was good – but the most memorable thing was the lightening storm in the dark.  We were flying above the clouds and the lightening.  It was majextic and a most amazing experioence.  It looked like the clouds were enormous glass balloons with fireworks in side them.  I was mesmorised!

Arriving in Dubai – and the locals were so surprised to see rain.  Apparently it only rains in December! It has made for a humid start. 36 degrees too! Did a half day tour today and learnt the history, about the Government,  architecture etc.  Went to visit the old gold souk (market) and the spice souk. Well if I had won lotto I might have purchased the 5 carat diamond! Beautiful jewels.

We also saw the amazing hotel – the Burj Al Arab (the one built like a sail / ship where we will go for high tea tomorrow), the Palm Jumeirah (one of the “Palms” – reclaimed land palm city), the old museum and many more attractions.

Last night we sat on the balcony of our hotel and watched teh tallest building in the workd display it’s lighting show – like the whole thing is set alight with sparklers at Guy Faux.  Stunning.

Had an espresso coffee this morning – $10NSD!

Right, this is my first attepmt at bog so hope it can send. I am also trying to attach photos – let me know if they work or not!

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